S T A G E   O N E  -   B R I E F

I take an in-depth brief to define objectives, where we discuss my clients business, target audience, competitors, their likes and dislikes, colours and fonts and what they hoped this branding exercise would  achieve for their business

S T A G E   T W O  -  D E S I G N

1 - Start the creative process via strategic thinking, research and brain storming as many ideas as possible, usually via simple pencil doodles. Here the knowledge gained about your company is infused with my own expertise, intuition and influences.
2 - Then I work up my favourite ideas, whittle them down and refine a few until I have a set of solid design solutions I am proud to present

S T A G E   T H R E E  -   P R E S E N T A T I O N

Present 3 designs to the client. I will show each design as
1 - Black on white and white on black
2 - How the logo will look when used very small
3 - How it works at a large scale
4 - What it looks like in colour

Logos used small

Logos used large

C O L O U R   P A L E T T E
We went with a soft black, turquoise and metallic copper

T H E   F I N A L   D E S I G N
Working closely with my client the final design evolves

I M P L E M E N T I N G   T H E    D E S I G N
The design was used for business cards, stationery and signage

Plans for a large Glow logo carved into a plaster wall in the meeting office and etched into glass walls


Glow is a creative coaching and business
consultancy that helps businesses, leaders,
and individuals transform mindsets to
facilitate change.


To design a clean, modern, timeless logo and
identity that will reflect the ethos of
Glow Consultancy